Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Motorqe! Please read the below-mentioned Terms and Conditions carefully before using the website http://motorqe.com/ for selling and buying cars which is operated by Motorqe LLC.

The below-mentioned terms and conditions apply to all users, visitors, and others who like to use or access the services. Your utilization of our services and website depends upon your acceptance and compliance with these terms.

By using or accessing our service you consent to be bound by these Terms and Conditions and, if you disagree with anything listed in these terms, then you don’t have the authorization to use the service. If you disagree with anything written in these terms and conditions, please exit the website immediately.


The terminology used in our website and in these Terms & Conditions are given below:

“Client”, “Your” and “You” refers to you, the person who uses this website and is compliant to the website’s all terms and conditions. “The Company”, “We”, “Ourselves”, “Our” and “Us”, refers to our Website and our Company. “Party”, or “Us”, refers to both us and the client.

“Buyer” or “Buyers” refers to a person or showroom or company who wants to or is interested in purchasing a car using our website whereas “Seller” or “Sellers” refer to a person or showroom or company who wants to or is interested in selling a car using our website.

Scope of Service

Motorqe is a platform that manages and streamlines selling and buying of new and used cars in Qatar. Along with listing and advertising cars on our website, we also help our users in managing the entire sales process for them, if requested. And we are the first in our region to do so.

However, we don’t directly purchase or sell cars or give rescue and towing services or arrange the sale or purchase of any car. In most instances, our services are limited to providing a digital platform where Car Buyers and Sellers meet and talk about the purchase or deal. But, if requested, we can help you in managing the entire process while you can sit back and relax for some additional fee.

Motorqe isn’t engaged in the actual transaction among Buyers and Sellers and only aids in the payment processes of the deal when required. As a result, Motorqe has no control over the quality, security, or legal aspects of any deal that might be initiated through the use of the services or website.

We have a dealer’s license that empowers us to purchase cars. In the occasions where Motorqe purchases any car from a Seller, Motorqe becomes a Buyer and all terms and conditions applicable to a Buyer are applicable to Motorqe.

While Motorqe utilizes strategies, for example, insurance and credit checks to confirm the qualification and verification of Sellers and Buyers, it doesn’t accept any commitment to do as such and it doesn’t ensure the security of any person utilizing the Website or Services or the exactness of any data and isn’t liable or responsible for any activities you take part in with or any communications you have with Sellers or Buyers.

So as to access or utilize the Services or any functionality of the Website, you are required to give your current and exact identification, a username or e-mail id, password, and other information. You are exclusively liable for any data you provide to other users in the registration or payment process.

While registering on the website or while talking to the seller or buyer, you guarantee that your personal information is legal, true, and accurate. You are liable for maintaining the completeness and accuracy of this data and for keeping up the confidentiality of your login data required to utilize the Website and Service.

All information listed with each vehicle on Motorqe are for demonstration purposes only. However prices & rates listed may change/differ at any time according to each Bank & official autopart store without giving any notice.

For accurate prices & rates you should  contact your bank & official autoparts stores to confirm the rates & prices.    

Private Sellers Rights and Obligations

“Sellers” are users of Motorqe who submit data about their vehicle on our site so as to sell it to Buyers. When a buyer shows interest in the listing of a seller, we connect him with Seller and make the car buying and selling process seamless for both the parties.

If a buyer asks for a test drive or wants to see and inspect the vehicle, it is the Seller’s responsibility to guarantee the vehicle is in an accessible and safe location to be checked by the buyer or any of our representatives. By acting as a Seller of Motorqe, you need to acknowledge that you are at least eighteen years old. Minors are allowed to use our service only with the consent of their parents or guardians.

Through this website, we provide services using which sellers can find buyers for their cars and we also help them close the deal at best prices after negotiations. On our website, sellers can advertise their cars by purchasing one of our subscriptions packages. However, not just private sellers, showroom dealers or third parties are also allowed to advertise cars using Motorqe.

If a seller wants to manage the sales process and don’t want Motorqe to manage the sales process on his/her behalf, we shall not be responsible for any valuable or invaluable item missed/replaced during the car inspection process by the buyer or any of its representatives.

All the vehicles listed on our website are owned by other party sellers who are using our website to find a potential buyer for their vehicle. Therefore, we are not liable for, and explicitly renounce all obligation for, any information related to any vehicle or its owner and the current or future condition of the vehicle.

While we try to help our customers in the best possible way by verifying and bringing to light, the history of the vehicle or any problem that it may have, we shall not be held responsible for any problem that may arise during or after the purchase of the vehicle. Also, we hold the right to remove any Ad or listing that looks incomplete or suspicious to us.

Buyers Rights and Obligations

“Buyers” are users of Motorqe who are interested in buying vehicles submitted by sellers. The price of cars sellers list on the website is based on the car’s current condition, location, model and features. If a buyer wants to buy the car listed by sellers on Motorqe, he/she is allowed to contact the seller. However, the deal and final payment shall be made using the website only.

Buyers are not at all allowed to cut out Motorqe or close any deal directly with Sellers. If a buyer or seller tries to close the deal off the platform – we are allowed to take legal actions against them and in such case we won’t provide any support or help to the buyers and sellers for closing any deal.

By making a buyer account on our platform, you agree that you are pursuing our Services in compliance with common decency, and that you intend to use them just for the purpose they are provided. You additionally guarantee that you are legally able to buy or sell the vehicles in Qatar and it is your sole obligation to agree to all laws, rules, and guidelines that may apply including all nearby, state, and government authorizing prerequisites.

Dealers Rights and Obligations

Apart from private sellers, we also allow dealers and showroom owners to advertise vehicles on Motorqe. However, being a dealer on Motorqe, you must:

  • Just advertise vehicles that you own and that are in the boundaries of Qatar and are accessible easily
  • Read and understand all our terms and conditions carefully and if you agree only then you are permitted to advertise on Motorqe
  • Mark the vehicle sold within 24 hours after you close the deal on the website
  • Agree to be solely responsible for the security of your own data
  • Know that transmission of information over the Internet can be dependent upon delays and errors
  • Not have any problem if we contact you time and again to make you aware of new opportunities that we may have for you.
  • Not have any problem if we contact you by means of email, SMS, phone calls and other electronic media.
  • Update your listings from time to time to follow our guidelines. If you fail to do so, we reserve the right to remove any content published by you that seems unfit for our website.


If you are using Motorqe, you agree and understand that we may, in our sole discretion, delete your account and remove any content posted by you in any way, shape, or form.

You agree and understand that we may take any one or more of the above-mentioned actions without notifying you. If we take any of these actions, we may, in our sole prudence, promptly deactivate as well as remove any or all data about and concerning your account, including your registration information and listings submitted. You agree and understand that we will not have any risk to you or some other individual for any type of termination as well as the removal of data concerning your account. Motorqe may suspend or delete your account if a doubt emerges that you are indulged in any fraud activity.

In the future, if Motorqe came to know that you persistently and purposefully violated any of our policies or rules, sales process, or anything, we may file a complaint against you in any form we consider suitable.

Intellectual Property

The Service and its features, functionality, and original content are and will remain the exclusive property of Motorqe, and its licensors. Our Service is secured by copyright, trademark, and different laws of both Qatar and foreign nations. Our trademarks should not be used in connection with any service or product without the prior written consent of Motorqe.

Rules of Selling and Buying a Car with Us

When using our service:

  • You agree that any vehicle you list on our website isn’t owned by anyone else except you.
  • You agree that the data you submit about your vehicle safety and security evaluation is precise to the best of your knowledge.
  • You agree that any car you list for selling on our website has a clean history.
  • If we think that your vehicle requires inspection, you agree that you will meet a good mechanic at a place or time that suits best for you for providing us the required information.
  • You agree that you won’t utilize the service to find a buyer and then make the deal independent of the Service, so as to not pay any fee related to the Service.
  • You agree that to be eligible to purchase a vehicle, you must complete the deal with us and deliver all data required in the process
  • As a seller, you agree that you won’t utilize the Service to find a vehicle and afterward complete a transaction independent of the Service, so as to not pay any fee related to it.

Payment Processes

For Private Sellers

Motorqe currently offers Private Sellers to pay for services using online methods like Credit/Debit cards. If you make payment for our services on our Website, the details you submit will be given directly to our payment provider by means of a secure connection.

The user then will get payment confirmation by email on the email address given at the time of registration, through a notification, and by SMS sent on the phone number added by the user at the time of registration. The confirmation will be sent by the Company after the payment has been processed when for all intents and purposes conceivable.

For Dealers

However, dealers or showrooms must pay full payment in advance or payments by means of Post Dated Checks (PDCs) given by the relevant organization’s account before the start date laid out in the Advertising Agreement. These are the only acceptable modes of payment we support and dealers and sellers need to pay using these methods only.

We offer various packages listed on our website that may vary in terms of services provided and price. You may purchase any of those packages but we are free to modify the terms of these packages any time depending on our business goals.

We maintain whatever authority is needed to modify the terms and conditions of this Agreement, including rules, services and price, at any time.

Third-Party Services

Our website Motorqe may provide you chances to engage with outsider or third-party services, give you data relating to these third-party services or provide you with the links to these third-party services offered or made accessible by some other third-party services, organizations or people, including Buyers or Sellers.

Such Third Parties are not related or associated with Motorqe, and Motorqe has no contribution in introducing Third Party Services to you. Motorqe simply acts as a channel to let you identify, associate, and engage with such third parties including Sellers and Buyers.

Motorqe is neither liable nor responsible for any deal you close with or any communication you indulge in with such third parties, regardless of whether you found such party on or while using the services offered by Motorqe or speak with them using the Website.


We hold the right, at our sole caution, to modify these Terms whenever we want or feel the need to do so. Also, before adding or applying any new terms we may not provide any notice to all our users. If you don’t consent to the new terms, you will no longer be authorized to use our service.