Top Tips for Buying Used Cars for Sale

When considering used cars for sale, Motorqe often find themselves a little overwhelmed. Despite the fact that when it comes to pre-owned cars, Motorqe has an abundant supply, it can often be a real challenge to find the right car at the right price. However, these top tips should help you to narrow down your choices and have confidence in your purchase.

Don’t View Cars in the Rain:

When considering viewing used cars for sale, you need to pay careful attention to the weather forecast. The water from rain or a previous shower can hide a multitude of sins on the bodywork of pre-owned cars. Doha drivers may also find that if it is raining, they forget to check the vehicle properly as they are rushing. To ensure that you check the bodywork properly, stand at the front of the vehicle, and look along the lines of the body, you should also repeat this process standing at the back of the vehicle. This will allow you to see any damage to the bodywork as light reflects dents or scuffs.

Check Panel Gaps:

While many drivers are aware to look for obvious damage on the edges of door panels and bumpers, you can actually often spot if a panel has been replaced or resprayed. Examine window rubbers and seals for traces of overspray, which would indicate a touch-up. However, replacement panels are often even easier to spot. Simply look at the gaps between the bodywork panels to see that they are even across the vehicle. A larger or smaller gap can be an indication of a panel being replaced or manipulated to repair a large dent.

Check the Interior Wear and Tear:

You can often judge the type of life a vehicle has had by the condition of the interior. Although savvy sellers may have taken the vehicle for a valet before offering it for sale, even the most professional job cannot disguise harsh wear and tear. Check the steering wheel and pedal rubbers for signs of excessive damage. You should also check the seats for tears, burns or rips. You will need to use your common sense, but if a vehicle is showing 30,000 kilometers on the odometer but looks like it’s suffered decades of use, chances are it has not been properly cared for. This could mean that basic maintenance and servicing have also been neglected.

Make a 3 Point Turn:

During your test drive, be sure to include a 3-point turn. This action of full lock reversing and manoeuvring can highlight the steering, wheel bearings, and suspension. If you notice any creaks, groans or clunks, there is an underlying problem.

Check for Fluid Leaks:

While even the most savvy of sellers is likely to clean up any recent spills of oil or other fluids, they will still leave traces. Check the fluid levels as only the most diligent of sellers will ensure that the levels are topped up to maximum before selling. Chances are if the levels have been recently topped up, it was to replace fluid lost in a leak.

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